Cameroon and Chad 2019

The Two Tales of Cameroon Pastoral Couples Conference, February 8-17, 2019 Perspective can be defined as having a particular vantage point. I left Cameroon with two distinct perspectives.  One was a tale that revealed the dark side of an enemy that seeks to divide and destroy.  Another tale, expressed the amazing unity that comes when people[…]

Peru 2019

Peru Conference January 8-20, 2019 I have to admit, traveling for days, time changes, language barriers, sleeping in different accommodations and struggling with the often accompanying health issues can be a hardship. During this past trip several of our team members wrestled with the effects of diarrhea. I, Rick, was the enjoyable evening meal for over[…]

Hope in the Hardships

Our world faces so many hardships today. Hurricanes, earthquakes, forest fires, illness and division fill the news every day, but there is hope. Since Chapter 3 of Genesis when mankind chose to disobey God and brokenness entered the world, suffering has always been part of the human story.  It has taken many forms, but from the[…]