September 9, 2020

Our Team

Our Leadership Team and Executive Board are comprised of men and women with long-term professional and cross-cultural ministry experience who love the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to serve His global mission here, near and far. The function of the Executive Board is to bring both spiritual and professional oversight and wisdom to the ministry. We are pleased to have the following members;


Rick and Diana Lowe
Shepherds’ Support Director and Administrative Assistant
Pastor Rick has been a missionary and pastor for the past 36 years in Latin America, Chicago and San Antonio. He holds degrees from the University of Illinois and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Diana is a nurse educator at the University of Texas Health Science Center. They have been married 38 years and have three adult children.
Will and Marie Schraven
Shepherds’ Support Eastern Europe Associate Director
Pastor Will and his wife, Marie, joined our Shepherds’ Support team in 2021. They have over 45 years of ministry and cross-cultural missions experience.  He is a gifted teacher who serves on our teaching teams. His pastoral heart has endeared him with our international partners.
William and Ruth Evaristo
Shepherds’ Support Latin America Associate Director
Pastor William and Ruth serve in the “Cristo Vive” church located in Lima, Perú. They are the founders of Matrimonios de Gozo Perú whose mission is to develop healthy pastoral and lay marriages. They have served with Shepherds’ Support since 2017.
David and Beth Butler
David and Beth Butler
Shepherds’ Support Board members and retired General Counsel for Community Hospital Corporation
David is the Shepherds’ Support Board Chairman. He and Beth joined the Board in 2016 and bring over 22 years of cross-cultural and non-profit administration experience to Shepherds’ Support. Beth is also a nurse and they are part of our traveling team.
Jack and Nancy Shirley
Jack and Nancy Shirley
Shepherds’ Support Board members and retired owner of Jack Shirley, DDS
Jack serves as the Vice-Chair and Nancy is the Shepherds’ Support Secretary. Jack and Nancy joined Shepherds’ Support in 2016. Jack has led many teams to train barefoot doctors in Thailand and served training dentists across the USA and internationally. Nancy served as a small group leader for Bible Study Fellowship and Administrative Assistant at Jack’s dental office.
Sid and Zane Williams
Sid and Zane Williams
Shepherds’ Support Board Members and President and CEO of Willson Davis Co. Inc.
Sid is the Treasurer for Shepherds’ Support. Sid and Zane joined the Shepherds’ Support board in 2017. The Williams have a variety of cross-cultural ministry experience and have led and taught AWANA locally and internationally.
Daniel and Kate Wurzberg
Shepherds’ Support Board Members and Family Coordinator Udruga, Croatia
Daniel and Katie joined the Shepherds’ Support board in 2019 and bring an important international perspective. They serve with the FamilyLife Team in Croatia and have years of experience strengthening marriages and families throughout the Balkans.
Steve and Connie Troxel
Steve and Connie Troxel
Founders and Director Emeritus
Pastor Steve brings years of pastoral experience having served for 34 years as the senior pastor at Wayside Chapel and 10 years with Shepherds’ Support. He has a genuine heart of encouragement. Connie shares a burden for the family and for ministry. She humbly shares from her heart and encourages others through her own trials..

Meet Our Teaching Team

Shepherds’Support has an expanding network of Teaching Team members that includes our Board and other professionals who participate on different teams throughout the year based upon the needs and interests of each conference. Some of these include:

Brad and Kay Adams
Brad and Kay Adams
Retired Pastor
Pastor Brad and Kay have served in pastoral ministry for 34 years. Brad has also taught classes as an adjunct professor at Winebrenner Seminary in Ohio. He has also held several positions on the Churches of God, General Conference.
Bob and Chris Burrows
Bob and Chris Burrows
Founder of Cowboy’s Rest Christian Camp
Bob & Chris Burrows have been married for 45 years and have three adult children and three grandchildren. They have been involved in Christian ministry all of their married life as church planters, pastoring and Bible School teacher. They started a Christian camp and have enjoyed an itinerate teaching ministry.
Dr. Don and Claudia Erickson
Dr. Don and Claudia Erickson
Shepherd to Shepherds
Pastor Don has over 41 years of ministry experience. He served as senior pastor of Living Grace Community Church for 33 years and has trained pastors internationally. Claudia serves on the board of Hands of Hope that serves the Western Province of Zambia. They have been married 47 years.
Arlie and Noemi Francis
Arlie and Noemi Francis
President of
Arlie is the founder of Disciple Daily which is a global network of Jesus followers, training together to use the grand story of the Bible as their primary disciple-making tool one story at a time. Arlie and Noemi have served together alongside Shepherds’ Support since 2017.
Jim and Arline Parris
Paraclete Mission Group
Jim and Arline have 45 years of ministry experience in South Africa and U.S. that include: pastoral ministry, overseas missions, speaking, nursing, parent education, teaching, counseling, and spiritual mentoring. They delight in bringing fresh courage for the battle.

Meet Our Accountant

Shepherds’ Support maintains and is committed to complete financial integrity and transparency.  Our dedicated Accountant, Kevin Hammond, C.P.A. provides financial oversight and monitors Shepherds’ Support’s regulatory compliance.

Kevin Hammond, CPA
Kevin Hammond, CPA
Shepherds’ Support Accountant and Director of Finance at Wayside Chapel EFCA
Kevin is an insightful accountant with a great eye for detail and excellent policy and procedure. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Texas Society of CPA. We also enjoy his great sense of humor.
GuideStar Rating
Platinum Transparency Seal
Shepherds’ Support is committed to professional accounting standards and the highest level of transparency and trust with our prayer and financial partners. We are thankful to have achieved GuideStar’s highest rating as a Platinum member for the past four years in a row.