N. Central Asia 2018

Russia – What comes to your mind? “For me the name conjured up gray skies, gray buildings, serious faces, oppressed people, heaviness of every kind. The reality of what I discovered there was far from those things. Beautiful scenery, wonderful art, friendly people, new friends.  I found committed Christians serving wholeheartedly and making a difference[…]

Guatemala 2018

Guatemala – Tragedy and Training Dear Friends, As most of you have heard, Guatemala experienced the worst volcanic eruption since 1902 this past Sunday.  Thousands have been affected and over 25 lost their lives.  Two weeks before this tragic event, Shepherds’ Support led a training conference only 11 miles from the volcano in Antigua for the staff of the[…]

Eastern Europe 2017

“I wondered how we had survived when others didn’t. Now I know that it was God who saved us because others were praying for us.” Zoya’s words to us were filled with tears as she shared how she and her family narrowly escaped being crushed by falling trees during a wind storm as they recently[…]

Armenia 2017

How would you describe yourself when asked who you are?  By your name, what you do, where you work, your age, what church you attend, where you are from? Our Armenia Conference theme focused on understanding and living according to our Identity in Christ as adopted children of God.  Pastor Bob and Chris Burrows did a great[…]