2023 Training Conference Plans

Perú – Cusco Regional Training

February 10-20, 2023

Description:  This will be our second training in the Cuzco region and will expand upon the size and diversity of the pastoral couples participating to serve around 50 couples. 

Theme: The Supremacy of Christ in life and ministry, Colossians

Location: Hotel Agustos, Urubamba, Perú

Teaching Team Members: Rick and Diana Lowe, William and Ruth Evaristo, Sid and Zane Williams, Jim and Arline Parris

Teacher Training

March 9-12, 2023

Description: This will be a gathering of our primary teaching team members.  We will continue our assessment and development of our training conferences, themes and team member responsibilities.  It is a “sharpening of our skills” workshop. 

Theme: Jesus Changes Everything

Location: Williams Ranch, Pearsall, Texas

Colombia – Pastoral Couples Training

April 13-23, 2023

Description:  The Bogotá regional association of churches and their presidents are coming together to sponsor this training with a desire to further their unity and commitment to pastoral care and training. 

Theme:  Faithfulness in the Midst of Suffering

Location: Villa Letty, Chinauta, Colombia.  

Teaching Team Members:  Don and Claudia Erickson, Rick and Diana Lowe, William and Ruth Evaristo, Bob and Joyce Werntz.

Armenia – Pastoral Couples Training

May 18-29, 2023

Description:   Despite the stresses and losses from the ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan, the Lord has been at work brining a new spirit of unity and cooperation amongst the churches in Armenia.  This conference will aim at inviting younger pastoral couples and seeks to further the unity that God is developing in the Armenian church and involve a greater number of local leaders in the planning and execution of the conference. 

Theme: Ministry in Times of Anxiety

Location: Tsaghkahovit Hotel, Tsaghkadzor, Armenia

Teaching Team Members: Will Schraven, Brad and Kay Adams, Rick and Diana Lowe, Mike and Kathy Maggard

Zambia – Pastoral Couples Training

June 28 – July 10, 2023

Description:  This will be our second trip to the more remote northern region of Zambia.  We hope to have 30-35 couples in attendance. A Biblical understanding of marriage and the loving treatment of women are key topics in a culture that struggles with wife abuse. We will be looking at Genesis 1 -3 and 1 Peter 

Theme:  A Lifetime Together

Location: Mpulungu, Zambia

Teaching Team Members: Rick and Diana Lowe, Don and Claudia Erickson, Arlie and Noemi Francis

Eastern Europe – Pastoral Couples Training

August 17-25, 2023 (TBD)

Description:  We are currently in conversation and praying with our partners in Moldova and Ukraine to seek the Lord’s leading about the best ways that we can serve them.  In Ukraine this might be a small team to visit various locations in support of our partners still serving there.  In Moldova, the churches continue to serve a vast refugee population. Please join us in prayer for the Lord’s leading.  

Theme:  TBD

Teaching Team Members: Will Schraven, Rick and Diana Lowe

Kosovo – Pastoral Couples Training

August 25 – September 3, 2023

Description:  The evangelical church in Kosovo is very young and the pastoral couples struggle with being isolated and rejected from the predominately Muslim culture.  

Theme:  Growing Together in Faith

Location: Vërmica, Kosovo

Teaching Team Members:  Will Schraven, Jim and Arline Parris, Brad Adams, Jim and Susie Erb, Andy and Nancy Hagen 

Honduras – Pastoral Couples Training

September 22 – October 1, 2023

Description: This will be our first conference in Honduras. Pastor Don Erickson has been teaching a group of pastors there via the Evangelical Free Church for several years.  This training would expand upon this group and network through the ministry of El Ayudante and the Honduran churches.  

Theme:  Faithfulness in the Midst of Suffering.

Location: TBD

Teaching Team Members: Don and Claudia Erickson, William and Ruth Evaristo, Rick and Diana Lowe, Sid and Zane Williams

2024 Conferences may include: Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Rwanda

If you are interested in participating in one of our training conferences, please write to us at info@shepherdssupport.org