Cameroon and Chad 2019

The Two Tales of Cameroon Pastoral Couples Conference, February 8-17, 2019 Perspective can be defined as having a particular vantage point. I left Cameroon with two distinct perspectives.  One was a tale that revealed the dark side of an enemy that seeks to divide and destroy.  Another tale, expressed the amazing unity that comes when people[…]

Peru 2019

Peru Conference January 8-20, 2019 I have to admit, traveling for days, time changes, language barriers, sleeping in different accommodations and struggling with the often accompanying health issues can be a hardship. During this past trip several of our team members wrestled with the effects of diarrhea. I, Rick, was the enjoyable evening meal for over[…]

N. Central Asia 2018

Russia – What comes to your mind? “For me the name conjured up gray skies, gray buildings, serious faces, oppressed people, heaviness of every kind. The reality of what I discovered there was far from those things. Beautiful scenery, wonderful art, friendly people, new friends.  I found committed Christians serving wholeheartedly and making a difference[…]

Guatemala 2018

Guatemala – Tragedy and Training Dear Friends, As most of you have heard, Guatemala experienced the worst volcanic eruption since 1902 this past Sunday.  Thousands have been affected and over 25 lost their lives.  Two weeks before this tragic event, Shepherds’ Support led a training conference only 11 miles from the volcano in Antigua for the staff of the[…]