Georgia – September, 2021

How We Saw It

What happens when brothers and sisters from Georgia, Egypt, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, America, Armenia, Dubai, Siberia, etc. meet in one place? The HOLY SPIRIT unites us around the thematic teaching of CHRIST’s Supremacy!!! GOD is glorified with our symphony of worship and thanksgiving! Walls disappear and unity erupts in fellowship celebrating CHRIST JESUS by brothers and sisters of a wide variety of denominations! 

Recognition needs to be given to all who financially and prayerfully supplied the resources & means to accomplish this amazing week! Be Glorified GOD ALMIGHTY as this has lasting impact on so many congregations of JESUS followers.

– Will Schraven

Once more we have experienced and felt so much love towards us. Each time as we prepare for an SSI conference, as we prepare our topics, we feel God’s leading, guiding and supporting us as we share what we pass on.  Honestly, it is not always easy to say “Yes” to God and obey Him by putting away our own concerns and challenges and fears.  But, we saw God really at work this week.

Personally, I learned to speak with greater confidence the message that God has given us. This week God reminded us of His calling to use us outside of our own country.  It was way beyond my imagination and expectations to see how God uses us for His Kingdom purposes.

We were so blessed to hear and see how Georgian people are working hard to spread the Gospel.  Even though they suffer different types of persecution here, they are faithfully serving God. It was very encouraging to us.

– O and A

I have met so many lovely people here in Georgia. It’s hard to express the joy it has given my heart to meet these believers who diligently work to share the Gospel with others.  Some live in refugee camps to share. Others live way up on the mountains to share with small villages where there is not a single believer. I’m grateful for their mission and steadfast work for the kingdom!

– Kay Adams

This has been one of the best experiences of my life in ministry. I have been amazed and humbled by the stories that the couples have shared with us. It is exciting to know how God’s Word is being proclaimed all over the world and to have faces to match up with the work that is going on.

– Brad Adams

This week I experienced the wonderful fusion of a team of people with different backgrounds, nationalities and life experiences. Jesus is the one who unites us in the bond of peace.  Our diversity makes us stronger, and our unity honors the Father.

I am privileged to experience the body of Christ as it should be working here in Georgia. Thank you Jesus for being our “glue”. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to bless these pastoral couples with the gift of refreshment this week. Thank you Jesus for always being with us. 

– Diana Lowe

Thank you for helping to make all of this possible.

Your prayers were certainly felt and appreciated by us all. Everyone who attended this week sends their greetings and appreciation for the special gift that blessed them greatly.

Thank you!!!

And the Shepherds’ Support Board:
Steve and Connie Troxel, David and Beth Butler, Jack and Nancy Shirley,
Sid and Zane Williams, Daniel and Kate Wurzberg