Faithfulness in the Fallout of War

One Family’s Story

Artak and Liana have two young children; a ten year old girl and a nine year old boy.  Four years ago they moved to Stepanakert and began planting a church.  Stepanakert is the main city in the disputed southern region of Armenia.  When Azerbaijan invaded Armenia in September 2020, the fighting began in this area and Artak and his family were forced to flee from their home for safety.  Like most men throughout the country of fighting age, Artak was called into military service.  At our Armenia Training conference in May, Artak recounted how unlike previous border fighting, everyone was afraid.  Read more below….

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Artak and Liana’s Story (cont.)

Destruction in Stepanakert, Armenia.  Photo by IndiaTV

When Artak and Liana were eventually able to return to their home, they were overwhelmed by the death and destruction in the area.  Miraculously, their home had been spared even though a missile had landed directly in their courtyard. Somehow it failed to detonate.

In tears, Liana shared that although they were spared, she could not bring herself to even give Artak a hug because of the pain that she felt for all of her neighbors who had lost husbands, sons and homes as a result of the war.

On the final day of the conference, Liana stood and shared with us all that the Lord had restored His joy in her that the war had stolen away.  She was not alone in that experience and we thank the Lord for His work and presence amongst us.

Ways you can pray!

Artak, Liana and their two children still live in this volatile area of the country because they believe that the Lord has called them to stay and continue as His Gospel ambassadors to those who remain.  Some might call this foolish.  We pray that Jesus will bless them for being faithful through the fallout of war and to live for His Kingdom.  They are a light upon the hill in a dangerous land.

Would you pray with us for Artak and Liana?

  1. Pray that the Lord would not be silent in the land and would speak to them, assuring them of His presence, plans and protection. They want to hear from God.
  2. Pray that the Lord would continue to watch over them and give them wisdom as they minister to others who have suffered great loss.
  3. Pray that God would lead them as they respond to a calling to serve the children who have lost parents from the war.

UPDATE: Georgia Training Conference

The Supremacy of Christ. September 2-12

The Georgian government now requires that every participant receive a negative COVID test before attending.  We are grateful that this requirement helps to assure that no one will spread the virus at the conference.  However, it also adds about $2,400 to the cost for us because we don’t want to hinder the participation of the pastoral couples by passing this on to them. 

We are so grateful for the many ways that the Lord is using Shepherds’ Support to encourage, equip and engage pastoral couples to finish well in their ministry and marriage so others might come to know the Savior! 

Thank you for your prayers and gracious support!