Belarus and Moldova 2019

2x’s The Blessing

It was a meal that few had ever experienced together. The local team went to great lengths to fill the evening with special touches, but no one could have predicted the surprise that awaited them.

Tables were set with great care; linens, flowers and center pieces. A four course dinner had been skillfully prepared. A sand painter told the romantic story of a couple from birth to first encounter, falling in love and marriage to starting a family.

Then, when everyone was sent outside to read their love letters to each other, it happened.  Just then, not before….

God smiled upon us and created a beautiful and rare double rainbow that stretched across the green pasture from horizon to horizon.  It was as if God was saying to each of the couples, “Look!  Look what I just made for you. I want to remind you of my covenant with you.” The double rainbow seemed like a double blessing to show His presence and love for us.

Belarus and Moldova Conferences
August 1- 20, 2019

In many ways, the spectacular double rainbow became a beautiful symbol for the blessings of our two conferences in Belarus and Moldova. The Lord showed up! He spoke through His Word! He used each messenger in unique ways and He blessed each ministry couple with a renewed sensed of His love and presence with them in the midst of life, marriage and mission.  Watch a short video.

Rick Teaching

O and A Teaching

Belarus Conference

Will Teaching

Arlie and Noemi Teaching

Moldova Conference

Arlie summed up the conferences like this.

“What an honor it was for Disciple Daily to once again co-labor with Rick, Diana, Will, Olimjon, and Aysultan to equip and encourage national ministry leaders. Belarusian and Moldovan partners rounded out our team. The Lord taught us many things over the 20 days we were together. Here are two items of note:

1. People need the Lord. Somewhere along the line, husbands and wives get so caught up in their responsibilities that they find themselves on different paths but don’t realize it. The couples engaged in God’s Kingdom work in Belarus and Moldova were refreshed, renewed, and retasked to complete the race before us all.

2. It is impossible to teach these things and not realize that often, God is speaking to you as you are talking to others. As Noemí and I taught, God showed us once again how much we need each other. Like our new Belarusian and Moldovan friends, we are reordering our lives because of what we learned also.

Some of the participants said it this way:

“When we first came, we were in the corral, quiet and unsure, then it was like someone opened the gate and we all ran out, free to talk and laugh together.  We were like a group of wild horses.” 

“There wasn’t any couple that left today without saying so many warm words.  This time there were so many people from the remote areas, small towns and villages.  Some of them have never been away like this for 15 or 20 years.”

“I can’t tell you how much I needed this time with my husband.  We have experienced many changes and lots of stress this year.  I didn’t think that I had the energy to face the challenges of this fall.  This time together was exactly what we needed to be refreshed and filled.” 

“The things that we learned are very important to us. It is a huge resource for our families.  As you guys taught us, we have to share the things that we learn.  I have already applied the storytelling method yesterday at the wedding (that I officiated).”


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Here are some ways that you can be praying:

  1. For our team:  that we would receive our visas without any problems, be unified in our teaching and sensitive to the Spirit’s promptings.
  2. For the couples participating:  that God would remove any obstacles in their way so they can attend and that He would work powerfully in each couple’s life.
  3. For plans in 2020.  Pray for us as we finalize plans for next year. The Lord knows where His workers need equipping, encouraging and refreshment so that the Gospel might be faithfully proclaimed in less resourced areas throughout the world.

Thank you for your partnership with us! The Lord multiplied the fruit of these two training conferences.  We look forward to our next opportunity to encourage, equip and engage pastoral couples in Cuba so they can stay the course and finish well in their marriage and ministry.

And the Shepherds’ Support Board:
Steve and Connie Troxel
David and Beth Butler
Jack and Nancy Shirley
Sid and Zane Williams