Year-End Update 2019

What Leaders Are Saying

“Coming here and seeing a seminar which is not lecturing ideas, but the Word of God, directly the Word of God, it was a blessing to us.”  “Another good side of this meeting is the fellowship, you know, really spending time talking to each other, fellowshipping and breaking down barriers.”   Cameroon

“Last time when we were invited to the Pastors’ Retreat our family was on the edge of divorce. When we got home, we were completely different people. During this whole time the Lord has made amazing changes to our family. And even though not everything goes smoothly currently, we believe this time the Lord has brought us here not in vain. God continues His work in us through you.”    Belarus

“The things that we learned are very important to us.  It is a huge resource for our families. As you guys taught us, we have to share the things that we learn. I have already applied the storytelling method yesterday at the wedding that I officiated.”      Moldova

“God reminded me that it is important to always have a close relationship with Him, to trust Him, to remain constantly in His holiness and peace.”   Ukraine

“We have been in a ministry that serves couples and church leaders throughout Peru for over 25 years, but no one has ever come to encourage and equip us. Thank you.”      Peru

Looking over this past year and the people that God allowed Shepherds’ Support to serve, we are amazed! These comments are just a few of what they have shared and what encourages us to press on in this ministry. Their stories, challenges and victories are as varied as the cultures they come from and yet they all share a heart and passion to magnify God and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We are so thankful for their lives and their faithfulness to take what they are learning and teach others.

Your partnership with us has helped make this possible. Their victories are also your victories! Your prayers have encouraged and uplifted each couple (Colossians 1:9-12). Your financial gifts have been a tangible testimony that God knows their needs and delights in providing for them (Philippians 4:19). Sending our teams to host the training conferences lets them know that they are not alone, that the Lord is with them and cares deeply for them, their marriages and their ministries (John 14:15-16).

Growing Our Teaching Teams

In 2020, as God allows, we will continue to develop our teaching team partnerships providing a foundation for deeper impact and ministry expansion. Shepherds’ Support and those we serve are greatly blessed by amazing partners, both on our teams and in the countries where we work. We thank God for each of them!



2020 Is Shaping Up To Be Another Special Year

February – Guatemala. March – Peru. May – Armenia. July – Kenya. September – Republic of Georgia

There is a lot to celebrate: God’s presence, excellent teaching teams, changed lives, local leadership and follow through, and the multiplication of ministry so more can hear the Good News. We truly hope that you know how much we appreciate you! God is uniting the body of Christ to reach the remotest parts of the world and we all have a special part to play. A heartfelt thank you for your partnership!

The Rest of the Story – An update from Africa

Recently, we received encouraging news from our partners in Zambia where the Lord allowed Shepherds’ Support to host a pastoral training conference in 2018. Our partner, Chris Kasale, had ambitious follow through plans and now writes:

There has been revival among the couples here:
  • Pastors Fellowship events have been influenced.  Pastors now come with their spouses. This is a great improvement.
  • In June, pastors organized a couples fellowship for a day and 21 couples attended. It was excellent, the first of its kind.
  • You remember Pastor Musonda. In her story, she was the one who proposed love to her husband. She organized a couples fellowship at her church. She thought only a few would come. To her “dismay,” she got the church full of couples. Amazing.
  • Young couples have been mentored by senior couples, the trusted relationship is in progress.

We have seen changes in many couples and families since the conference. Thank you so much for the impact you have left in this part of the world. Best wishes and praying for you.”

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