Armenia 2017

How would you describe yourself when asked who you are?  By your name, what you do, where you work, your age, what church you attend, where you are from?

Our Armenia Conference theme focused on understanding and living according to our Identity in Christ as adopted children of God.  Pastor Bob and Chris Burrows did a great job teaching through the book of Colossians.  We learned how Jesus transformed us from the domain of darkness to the kingdom of light (Colossians 1:13) and were challenged to understand that prayer is the key to keeping Christ first in our lives, marriages and ministries.

We saw how Jesus is superior in every way, through every age and to every thing and looked at practical ways to keep Him first in all things.  Finally, as adopted children of God through faith we been given a completely new identity and are accepted, secure and significant in Christ.  There is nothing too big or too hard for Jesus to handle in our lives! The Lord of Lord’s is both our King and Father.

“WOW, to see a unity and eagerness amongst all to worship our God in spirit and in truth. I believe this unity has truly been one of the highlights for all of us. I know it has brought joy to the heart of God to see brothers and sisters worshiping in unity around His throne of grace.” – Bob Burrows

“I praise God for these days and for our lovely guests who were sent by the Lord so that they can feed us with the Word of God.  I had issues with forgiveness and I was healed during this time.  During the prayer time, I renewed my covenant.  This was a very long-awaited and important week for me.”

“During these days we learned to be more united, and how to be a good disciple and prepare good disciples; to deepen our roots so that we can stand against the winds, and learned to speak with the loves languages.  Your experiences truly helped us.”  – David and Ani


The commitments and comments from our Armenian brothers and sisters as a result of this time together inspire us to press on, to pray for them regularly and to continue to trust God to use the ministry of Shepherds’ Support in the lives of other ministry leaders in less resourced areas around the world. Click HERE to read more about the conference.

You make this possible.  Thank you!

And the Shepherds’ Support Board: Steve and Connie Troxel, David and Beth Butler, Stuart Hendry, Lannie and Melba Green, Jack and Nancy Shirley, Sid and Zane Williams

Coming Up Next

We are now working on our next conference that will be held near Minsk, Belarus on August 6 – 12. We thank the Lord for bringing together this wonderful international team that includes Pastor Nikolai from Belarus, Pastor Will Schraven from Live Oaks Community Church in The Villages, FL and friends A&D from Central Asia.  Pastor Nik has been discipling church planters for 30 years and has been praying that the Lord would provide a ministry partner to refresh and strengthen these men and women who are serving God in the hard and remote areas of the country.  We are thankful that the Lord chose Shepherds’ Support to answer that prayer.  You can learn more about the conference, sign up for updates or donate to support the conference by going to:

A Note From Our Board

It has been our delight to serve on the Shepherds’ Support board for the past 11 years, travel with several of the teams and see the Lord grow and develop this ministry to encourage, equip and engage thousands of ministry leaders and spouses.  Melba and I would like to personally express our thankfulness to you for your faithful and ongoing support of the ministry.

We are also thankful for how God is building upon the strong foundation laid by Steve and Connie Troxel through the leadership of Rick Lowe as our new Executive Director this year.  I thought it would be very difficult for anyone to follow in Steve and Connie Troxel’s footsteps.   After working with Diana for years as she has served SSI keeping it organized and on track I realized her heart and ability to serve.  When the opportunity came for Rick to take the baton from Steve, I was so wonderfully surprised to learn first hand of the arsenal of tools God has equipped him with that are a perfect fit for taking SSI to the next level of ministry, now and in the future.

Melba and I remain steadfastly committed to the mission and vision of the ministry.  Thank you for keeping Shepherd’s Support in His service and on mission.

Sincerely,  Lannie & Melba Green

Board of Directors, Shepherds’ Support, Inc.