South Africa 2008

Connie and I, along with four others on our team (none from Wayside), returned from South Africa on April 24. We were invited to be the keynote speakers with an organization called Unity for Africa. John Ofoegbu, from Nigeria and now in San Antonio, is the director. We are still processing what actually happened. We went[…]

Zambia 2007

Four of us, including Dr. Kim Milhoan, Connie, our granddaughter Kelsi Johnson, and myself, left for Zambia on Thursday, March 1. Due to a snow storm in Chicago we missed all of our flights to Zambia, which had to be rebooked while we stayed over night in Chicago. We finally made it a day later[…]

Romania 2006

Steve and Connie returned on October 10 after ministering in southeast Romania. It was an exhausting trip where Steve preached 14 times in 8 days, including 4 different churches and a pastors-leaders conference attended by 60 leaders. Connie also shared with the women and sang in most of the same places. The response in the[…]