Romania 2006

Steve and Connie returned on October 10 after ministering in southeast Romania.

It was an exhausting trip where Steve preached 14 times in 8 days, including 4 different churches and a pastors-leaders conference attended by 60 leaders. Connie also shared with the women and sang in most of the same places.

The response in the churches was very encouraging. Many hands were raised indicating they were trusting Christ for salvation. What that means we are never sure. But, Steve and Connie were encouraged by meeting quite a number of folks who trusted Christ when they were there last in the late 90’s. Some are even in leadership positions in the churches today.
RTEmagicC_Church_in_BrailiaThe response at the conference was very encouraging even though the turnout was a little smaller than expected. Many of the pastors said that it was as though God was speaking to them personally and they left to go back to their churches refreshed and encouraged. A number of Campus Crusade leaders were there and have asked Steve and Connie to return in the next couple of years and do a conference for them, which would include quite a large number of leaders.
Steve also spent a lot of time one on one, one on two, and one on three, with pastors, helping them work through some conflicts. This was especially demanding and hopefully some good will come out of that.

Two unforgettable widows made a lasting impression on Steve and Connie. Little Maria, an 85 year old, three and one half feet tall prayer warrior, rode a train for 12 hours to come early and spend some time with them. She has been praying for Steve and Connie since 1997 when they first met her. She wants to live as long as she can to pray for them and others and also to continue to encourage others. She visits 2 or 3 families each day in the village just to encourage them.

TRTEmagicC_Troxels_with_Mariahe other widow, Sylvia, has an incredible testimony. She and her husband came to Christ through reading the Bible. They were persecuted in their orthodox village of 2,000 in many ways. One day while he was working on the roof of his house he fell off and hit his head and died. The Orthodox priest would not allow him to be buried in the village cemetery, but finally consented to have him buried in the back, the Potter’s field area. At his funeral an estimated 2,000 people showed up and heard a clear presentation of the gospel.

Sylvia, though heartbroken and not understanding why God allowed this tragedy, went on with her life. Today she continues to serve. She prepared a five course meal for the Troxels and four others that she served in her home. They estimated that it was enough food for 20-30 people. The manner in which she served them and the facial expressions reflecting the Lord Jesus Christ, made a lasting impression upon all six people who were served.

You never know what all is accomplished on a trip of this nature, but there was strong evidence that God was at work. God bless each of you who read this and are a part of this ministry through your prayers and financial support.