We talked all night!

Recently, Pastor Andrew from eastern Europe wrote us this letter and we thought that you would enjoy reading for yourself how God is multiplying lessons learned.

Hello Rick, this is Andrew, Pastor of the Church “Open Heart”

Thank you for the rest for the pastor’s families, but apart from the rest, there was an amazing thing, I want to share with you Rick.

At this conference, I experienced REHABILITATION of my family relationship. I never took drugs. I did not depend on alcohol and cigarettes, our family looks decent, I am the pastor of the Church, I did not cheat on my wife, people did not see that we quarreled, but our relationships was not as planned by God. I did not have a Deep and Real communication with her.

After listening to our speaker’s class on family relations, for the first time in 12 years of marriage, my wife and I had PRIVATE COMMUNICATION, we talked All Night.

I’m like a drug addict or an alcoholic who has been Rehabilitated only for Family Relationships ….

Having arrived home, we reviewed the class to the end, we caught fire with the idea of helping believers and non-believing families to restore and develop their relationships as God planned them in his FABULOUS PROJECT called MARRIAGE.

We have already started working with one pair, who has been married for a long time and with a second couple who was not married for long… please dream with us about the opening in our city of the Center for the Rehabilitation of Family Relations.

Andrei and Katerina.


UPDATE: June 24, 2018

After hosting their first outreach couples weekend, Andrei writes,
“Thanks to the Lord for a conference. Everything was very good. There were many people and very open atmosphere. Thanks for your prayers, they very much supported us.There were 4 married couples, one couple of young people who are only going to marry…. I and my wife shared own difficulties and how we pass it together with the Lord. And also we spoke how God looks at family and what He wants from us. There was very open conversation, there were many discussions and questions.  We are grateful to God that He conducts us in this way. Unaided from the Lord, we haven’t the power to change something. Thank you that you have opened for us this way and taught us how to live in matrimony.  Let God will bless you.”