December 14, 2019

Going the Distance

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Life is a marathon. Marriage is a marathon. Ministry is a marathon. They are not sprints. To run a marathon requires, among other things, patience, endurance, and encouragement. There are two instruments, which God has given to us that are eternal: His Word and His people. We need the encouragement that comes through passages from the Word and people of the Word to keep us in the race. Going the distance combines these instruments that God has provided to keep me running.

“It’s been my joy to serve in the same city with Steve Troxel for over two decades. God has established him as a fine leader, excellent teacher, and a conduit for encouragement. He has ministered worldwide and next-door, always with skill.

I’m so grateful that Steve has gone to the effort of compiling some of his best teachings into a book. I appreciate his practical, inspirational words. If you know Steve, then you know what I mean. If you don’t, then I’m honored to introduce him to you. Enjoy!”

-Max Lucado, Pastor and best-selling author

Author Stephen P. Troxel, M.Div., and his wife, Connie, have been married 46 years, have two daughters and six grandchildren. Steve was a senior pastor for 42 years, the last church being Wayside Chapel Evangelical Free Church in San Antonio, Texas, which he served as senior pastor for 34 years. In 2006, they built upon the world wide missions focus of Wayside Chapel and founded a new ministry called Shepherds’ Support, Inc. The purpose of Shepherds’ Support is to equip, encourage and engage ministry leaders and their spouse in less resourced areas of the world so they can finish well in both their marriage and ministry.